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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jack's Tracks is heard World-Wide!

Jack's Tracks hits the airwaves this Sunday! Tune in at 4 p.m. Pacific Standard for three hours of local blues and jazz.

Listen! Jack says you can listen to Rez Radio in various ways. In the San Luis Rey River Valley: 91.3 FM. That's Pala, Fallbrook, and other points in the area.

REZ RADIO IS ALSO ON iHeartRadio.  iHeartRadio is the world’s largest radio station streaming source and is becoming a standard source for programming on many new vehicles alongside AM, FM and Sirius.  Free apps for all major smart phones and other streaming devices including iPad and Xbox 360 are available at  Open your iHeartRadio app, search “Rez Radio” and save us as a favorite.

LISTEN LIVE ON ANY PHONE – In addition to our smart phone and online listening options, anyone with ANY kind of phone can now listen to Rez Radio 91.3 anywhere there is phone service by dialing 1 832 999 1123.  Provided by AudioNow, there is no cost for the service, but calls will use plan minutes.  Or if you’re calling from a land line, normal long distance charges will apply. (Area code 832 is in Houston, Texas.)

Check these shows that are heard on Rez Radio:

M-F 12noon - “Pala Today” – local news, sports, business, weather and features with  John Fox 

SUN 9a-noon – “Brunch with Bob and Friends” – Bob Marley and other classic Jamaican reggae with host Tommy Hough – 3 hours

Sat 8p – “Songs of the Southwest – Bird-style”- native music from all over California and the Four Corners states hosted by Eric Ortega

Wed 12:30p, repeat Sun 1:30p – “Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site” with Gilbert Smith, Mike Bragg and the Galaxy Moonbeam Gang talking about the history of media, pop culture and stuff related to the baby boomer generation.  Podcasts available at the GMNS web site

Mon 12:30p, repeats Sat 7:30a – “Pala Life:  Past and Present” – native culture, language and interviews with elders hosted by Eric Ortega .  Podcasts available at  –

Mon 6p, repeats Fri 11a – “Back in the Day” – Doots and Darlene host an hour of personally selected music and reminisce about good times on the Rez in Pala.

Tues 1p - “Mark’s Groovy Trip” – Top 40 ‘70’s music and trivia with Mark Gleason.  Podcasts available at

Sat 10a, repeats Sun 8p – “Rockin’ the Rez” – an hour of eclectic folk, rock, native and many other styles of music and interviews with performers hosted by local musician Joel Rafael 

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