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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Today at 4 p.m. (Pacific) only on Rez Radio at 91.3 FM: The All San Diego Music Show! All the music until 7 p.m., are from San Diego County. The line up includes:
Christopher Hollyday Everything HappensTelepathy Cristopher Hollyday 2018 -VOX
Tom Waits San Diego Serenade Heart Of Saturday Night Lost Henry Records 1974
Gbera Hometown Homegrown 2017
Gregory Page Waiting For The Sun Again Waiting For The Sun Again Munich Records 18
Gregory Page & Steve Poltz Love Made Me Drunk Gregory Page & Steve Poltz Gregory Page & Steve Poltz 2010
Bayou Brothers Gater By The Bay Gator By The Bay Bayou Brothers
Sue Palmer and Her Motel Swing Orchestra Down The Road A Piece Gems, Vol. One Sue Palmer 2018
Cathryn Beeks Ordeal Keep Walking Mood Swing Listen Local Records 2009
Cathryn Beeks Desert Music Ordeal Desert Music Cathryn Beeks 2006
Darius Degher Leucadia Love Song Homegrown 2017 2017 -7
Dave Easton Spring In San Diego Mastered Home Grown 2017 2017 -15
Drew Douglas Grampadrew IB Local Homegrown 2017 2017 -6
Jimmie Lunsford Sailor Of Two Seasons HomeGrown 2017 2017 -11
Anna Danes I Want To Be Around - Cry Me A River Find Your Wings Anna Danes 2016
Sue Palmer I've Been Walkin' (Feat. Missy Andersen) Gems, Vol. One Sue Palmer 2018
Sara Alexandra Petite Baby Let Me In (feat Nena Cote) Live At The Belly Up Sara Petite 2015
Tim Yancey Host_It_Up_-_Live_Acoustic Host It UP Tim Yancey
Murder of Five I_Dont_Even_Care I Don't Even Murder of Five
Brian Jones Rock And Roll Revival You_Can_Never_Ever_Get_Back Brian Jones
Leaders In The Clubhouse She_Gets_Loud She Gets Loud Leaders In The Clubhouse
Berkley Hart Desert Sky While The Night Is Still Young Berkley Hart 2018
Dayna Lane Wrap Around My Heart Anything You Want Dayna Lane 2008
The Sleepwalkers Make_It_Up_To_You Radio Single The Sleepwalkers
The Sleepwalkers Digame Radio Single The Sleepwalkers
Nathan James What I Believe What I Believe Nathan D James 2017
Kevin Spencer Learning To Fly Learning To Fly Kevin Spencer 2016
Joel Rafael Rivers and Rain Thirteen Stories High Inside Recordings 2008
The Kneehighs America's Finest Homegrown 2017 ListenLocalRadio.com2017
Mother Grundy Living The Dream Homegrown 2017 ListenLocalRadio.com201
Randi Driscoll Surrender (feat. Aaron Parker) Glass Slipper Randi Driscoll 2016
Malachi Henry And The Lights Tears Broke My Fall Tears Broke My Fall Malachi Henry And The Lights 2018
Sandollar 07 San Diego Girl Homegrown 2017 2017 -15
Steph Johnson Part Of Me Part Of Me Steph Johnson
Veronica May Dead Wooden Box (Ode to a Guitar) Awakened Veronica May 2017
Veronica May Tides Awakened Veronica May 2017
Lisa Sanders Sometimes Its Hard To Fly Shiver Lisa Sanders 2014
Whitney Shay A Woman Rules The World A Woman Rules The World Whitney Shay 2018
Whitney ShayShay Get Down With It A Woman Rules The World Whitney Shay 2018
Candye Kane Easy Money Easy Money Candye Kane
Leaders in The Clubhouse Awkward Town Homegrown 2017 2017 -2
Ronny Corbin Goodbye San Diego Homegrown 2017 ListenLocalRadio.com2017 -4
Part two is next Sunday! Six hours of San Diego County Music only on Rez Radio! Hear here, starting at 4 p.m.:

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