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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday! March 8, 2020

Jack has another exciting local line up on Rez Radio!

 Calamity Trouble Calamity Calamity  -VOX~
 Malachi Henry and the Lights Upon the Shoals Upon the Shoals Benjamin Andrew Hernandez  
 Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers California California 4 Share Productions  
 Steve Poltz, Danny Michel Devices Devices Steve Poltz & Danny Michel  
 MohaviSoul Drinker's Lament LIve at the 42nd Annual Huck Finn Jubilee MohaviSoul  
 Mohavisoul Gettie Up Live at the 42nd Annual Huck Finn Jubilee MohaviSoul  
 Steam Powered Giraffe Hot on the Trail Hot on the Trail Steam Powered Giraffe  
 Skeeryvore Take My Hand Evo Tyree Records  
 Sheryl Crow Still The Good Old Days - Joe Walsh Threads Machine Label Group  
 Sue Palmer and Her Motel Swing Orchestra Down The Road A Piece Gems, Vol. One Sue Palmer  
 Sue Palmer I've Been Walkin' (Feat. Missy Andersen) Gems, Vol. One Sue Palmer  
 The Beat Farmers There She Goes Again Tales Of The New West Curb Records  
 Sufjan Stevens Death With Dignity Carrie & Lowell Asthmatic Kitty Records  
 The Dead South in Hell I'll Be In Good Company Good Company Six Shooter Records  
 The Creepy Creeps Haunted Hula Ceepxotica Dionysus Records  
 The California Honeydrops When It Was Wrong Honeydrops Live California Honeydrops  
 The Fireman Sun is Shining Electric Arguments MPL Communications  
 The Langdons My Favorite Place Homegrown  
 The Kneehighs America's Finest Homegrown  
 The Mastersons Spellbound Spellbound The Mastersons  
 The Ordeal Only Love Life, Love, The End Cathryn Beeks  
 The Wayne Riker Gathering Half Moon R&B Thunder The Wayne Riker Gathering  
 The Sea Monks Blackjack Country Chain Gasoline Jason Kapchinske  
 Tim Flannery Spanish Town The Light Tim Flannery  

 Tim Yancey Host_It_Up_-_Live_Acoustic Host It UP Tim Yancey 
 Trains Across The Sea Life On the Highway The Semi Fame EP Trains Across The Sea  
 Tracy Lee Nelson Even Fools Get the Blues Blues Loving Man Tracy Lee Nelson  
 Tori Roze and The Hot Mess Ride The Wave Baggage Claim Tori Roze  
 Veronica May Dead Wooden Box (Ode to a Guitar) Awakened Veronica May  
 Travelin' Brothers Tennessee Whisky - Earl Thomas Tennessee Whiskey Magnolia Records  
 Cactus Honey Stone Soup Groovy Life HCT Records 214 
 Astra Kelly Chasing The Light Chasing The Light Astra Kelly  
WhitneyShay-Stand Up  Whitney Shay  Thought About You Stand Up Ruf Records  
 Mark DelGuidice San Diego MP3 HarpO Homegrown  3
 Jeff Berkley Salvation Mountain Whore House, Hot Sauce & Souvenirs Jeff Berkley  
 Gregory Page Waiting For The Sun Again Waiting For The Sun Again Munich Records  
 Christopher Dale Boat Club Where The Road Turns To Sand Christopher Dale  
 Joel Rafael Under Our Skin (Radio) Rose Avenue Inside Recordings  
 MohaviSoul More White House Blues Live at the 42nd Annual Huck Finn Jubilee MohaviSoul  
 MohaviSoul Hometown Blues Hometown Blues MohaviSoul  
 Jody Bagley Hold On To Yesterday Burn Jody Bagley  
 Jimmie Lunsford Gandhi, Martin, and Me Jimmie Jimmie Lunsford 29 

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